Suivi Bilan Période 2 – 17 Janvier, 2021

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Membres de la Commission Bus

  • La Direction : M. Malifarges 
  • Responsable du transport scolaire : M. Khrais
  • APELFI : Dina Naguib, Sabrina Maubert, Ghada Abu Ayash et Jihen Gatti

Bilan Période 2 – suivi 17 Janvier

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Second Period Update – Novembre 2020

Membres de la Commission Bus

  • La Direction : Mme. Bonnet des Tuves
  • Responsable du transport scolaire : M. Khrais
  • APELFI : Dina Naguib, Sabrina Maubert, Ghada Abu Ayash et Jihen El Abed

Second Period Update

1. The process that is followed in case of a positive case in a bus:

We wanted to get clarification regarding the process when there is a positive case in a bus. Mrs. Khrais took us through the latest DHA guidelines which have been put into effect as of January.

  • In case of a positive case in a bus, the doctor and her team contact the bus service department and inform them of the case. In return, the bus service needs to provide the layout of the bus showing where each student is seated.
  • In light of this information, the school doctor and the DHA will decide on the children that need to be quarantined (based on their proximity with the positive case). DHA is making the decision on a case-by-case basis.
  • The doctor will then inform the bus service as well as the parents of the children who are affected by this decision.


We recommend that the bus service sends out a communication to the parents to clarify this process. Parents are often panicking because of the lack of information on a specific case in the bus, or because one of their children is put in quarantine while the other child (often seating right next to their sibling) is not.

We also urge the bus service team (even teachers and nurses) to be even more careful and empathetic when announcing to students that they need to be taken to the isolation room and cannot take the bus. We need to ensure that it is done in a way that will not trigger any fear or anxiety especially with young children. Maybe the school psychologist can give some guidelines to be followed by the team.

As a side note, we all need to stay vigilant with regards to safety measures, and children (above 6 years) need to wear their masks at all time while in the bus. The bus attendants have a responsibility to ensure that this is respected at all times, since it significantly limits the risk of contamination.

2. The changes to the bus service that expected to take place by the end of January, once the new timings are put in place:

As was communicated earlier by the school, by the 31st of January, a new set-up will be put in place where timings will be extended to 2pm (instead of 1pm). Furthermore, some secondary students will be staying till 3:45pm and returning on a second bus trip.

We wanted to know how many students will be taking this second trip, and whether students from different buses will have to be regrouped in one bus for this second trip. Mr. Khrais had no information concerning this change. He will speak to management and get back to us.

3. A new initiative to have music in the buses

Last November, we got a request from the Interlocuteur Maternelle and the Commission Bien- être of APELFI to have music in the buses, which should help the children feel less anxious in these difficult times. We had shared this suggestion with Mr. Khrais and he was awaiting the management’s approval. Today we got a confirmation that APELFI can go ahead with this project, hence the concerned committees will get in touch with Mr. Khrais to liaise for the implementation of this project.

4. Children wanting to use the toilet during bus trips

Following few incidents of children requesting to use the toilet during bus trips, here are few comments shared by Mr. Khrais:

  • Parents are always reminded to ask their young children to use the toilet before taking the bus in the morning, also teachers are requested to do the same before the return trip.
  • In case of occurrence of this request while in the bus, the bus attendant should always call first the department to inquire, depending on the bus location, the bus coordinator will advice the attendant to go to the nearest gas station (to use a public toilet) or to the student’s house (if it is close) or to another student’s house if the two previous options are not actionable, in all cases, they need to take the parents’ approval first.


We urge the bus service to remind all bus attendants, teachers and parents of the above guidelines.

We would like to thank Mrs. Bonnet des Tuves and Mr. Khrais for their continuous support and cooperation.


Commission Bus – APELFI